The State of Decision Management: The Future Looks Bright

Larry Goldberg, co-inventor and co-author of ‘The Decision Model’, shares an update regarding the impact of Sapiens’ acquisition of KPI. He also shares predictions regarding the market impact of the OMG’s DMN specification and forthcoming key industry milestones. (01:00:36 minutes).

How the Volcker Rule is Transforming Wall Street

Sapiens & CEB Towergroup
CEB TowerGroup analyst, Dushyant Shahrawat and Jim Heinzman of Sapiens discuss the unintended consequences of the Volcker Rule and its impact on organizational monitoring, governance and reporting. (58:00 minutes).

Cole Taylor Mortgage Case Study: Transforming Business Execution

Sapiens & Cole Taylor Mortgage
In this webinar recording, the SVP of Strategic Initiatives at Cole Taylor Mortgage discusses the opportunities and challenges facing their business, the options considered to address business needs, and the strategy and approach taken to transform their mortgage operations. (56:63 minutes).

Enterprise Scale Decision Management

Sapiens & Knowledge Partners International
If you understand The Decision Model, and are looking to take it to the next level in your organization, this webinar will show you how. This recording includes a product demonstration of Sapiens DECISION including end-to-end decision modeling, testing, governance capabilities, and more (61:50 minutes).

Transforming Your Business? It Starts With Decision Management

Knowledge Partners International & Sapiens
Business transformation is an ideal often strived for, but unachieved. Learn more about the connection between business transformation and decision management, and how decision management practices and technology complement and ‘supercharge’ your organization’s transformation efforts. Gain insight from a real-world case study demonstrating the approach taken, and results achieved, by a top 5 US financial institution (46:24 minutes).

Understanding & Addressing CFPB Qualified Mortgage Requirements

Actualize Consulting & Sapiens
Learn more about the requirements your firm must meet to address the CFPB’s Qualified Mortgage/Ability to Repay Rule and the role that Decision Management can play in helping your firm adequately address the regulatory guidance in time for the January deadline (26:11 minutes).

Managing Decisions with Confidence

Learn more about Sapiens DECISION and its foundation, The Decision Model, which have enabled firms to improve organizational compliance and governance by rewiring existing rules management practices. Gain insight to how leading financial institutions have increased the accuracy and consistency of business decisions leading to reduced risk, decreased operational costs and improved time to market (58:11 minutes).

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