Sapiens DECISION Suite version 6.2

Highlighting the Business Benefits and New Features of the Upgraded Suite.

Kramer Reeves, chief marketing officer and vice president of DECISION’s product marketing, and Charlie Hayes, vice president of engineering for DECISION, provide an overview of  how Sapiens DECISION Suite version 6.2 will help organizations overcome their challenges and generate business benefits, such as an improved user experience.

Sapiens DECISION Analytics

A new component of The DECISION Suite, DECISION Analytics will enable clients to access more insights from data and information than ever before. With today’s technology it’s simple to gather information; DECISION Analytics, however, will allow you to process the information in an effort to predict outcomes, therefore better preparing for customer needs.

How Decision Management Presents a New Way to Look at Regulatory Challenges

Politics drive regulatory discussions and companies, specifically those in heavily-regulated industries, are often challenged to keep up with the accompanying changes. Discover how Decision Management has a unique capability to ease the complexities associated with regulatory and policy change, meet digital transformation demands and cater to customer needs. This webinar is part two in a series on supporting change for digital transformation and a complement to part one webinar and whitepaper How Decision Management drives transformation projects.

How Decision Management Drives Transformation Projects

How did your industry manage change a decade ago? Technology is aiding many of those changes, but customer demands are necessitating continuous digital transformation like never before. From banking to housing, for industries with deeply-complex business logic and rules, a transformation project can be daunting. This webinar explores how Decision Management is transforming projects, ensuring black and white clarity in governance and automation, and aligning with customer needs.

Underwriter saves the day with Decision Management

Underwriters are the gate keepers who protect customers and keep an organization’s operation costs in check. With Sapiens Decision Management, underwriters are given superhero-like abilities, allowing them to work through and control underwriting decisions from inception to production implementation. On this webinar you will learn how to keep the interpretation and multiple hand-off villains away.

Case Studies from the Field: How TDM has Improved Requirements and Business System Development

This webinar will examine case studies from the first 5 years of production systems built on the basis of TDM based architecture, and examine the impact that these systems have had on the organizations that have pioneered this development approach.

Embracing Decision Model Standards for Business Analysts

This webinar shows business analysts how to embrace decision modeling as a new standard and how to develop a roadmap for organizational adoption.  This discussion between Barbara von Halle and Kramer Reeves, both of Sapiens DECISION, explores the true value of the DMN standard, the importance of the decision model science, the lessons learned from real case studies, and an achievable vision for the future of modeling.

Preventing Fraud in Financial Services with Decision Management

An intriguing Case Study on a leading global bank, featuring Neil Ward-Dutton of MWD Advisors, along with Sapiens DECISION experts, sharing an amazing story of fraud and deception. More importantly, it is explained how you can prevent fraud from happening in your company.

Sapiens DECISION v6.0: Supercharge Release Management While Maintaining Governance and Auditability.

The next step in the evolution of decision management is here. Our latest update empowers enterprises to manage and execute their business decisions, greatly improve strategic agility, operational effectiveness, efficiency and compliance with regulatory and corporate policy.

Decision Modeling for Everyone. Are we there yet?

A simple guide for leading your organization into Decision Management powered by Decision Modeling

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