White papers

A Primer on the Decision Model
Why Decision Tables are not Enough: From Decision Tables to Decision Models
Which Decisions Belong in Decision Models?
What Business Analysts Need to Know About Decision-Aware Business Processes
Use Cases and Business Rules: Can They Work Together?
The Unanticipated Role of The Decision Model in Data Quality
Three Stages of Decision Model Usage Today
Three Reasons to Upgrade from Business Rules to Decision Models
The OMG Decision Model and Notation Spec (DMN) and The Decision Model (TDM)
The Missing Model for Business Analyst
The Five Most Important Differences between The Decision Model and Business Rules Approaches
The Decision Model’s Best Kept Secret
The Decision Model Meets Agile
The Decision Model and Process Models with BPMN
The Decision Model & an IQ Framework
The Decision Model #1: Linking Business Leaders and Technology
The Decision Model #2: Improving Process Models and the Requirements Process
The Decision Model #3: Revolutionizing the Testing Process for Business Logic
The Better, Faster, Cheaper Part II - The Decision Model Meets Data Quality Head On
Six Simple Steps for Accelerating and Perfecting Requirements
New Opportunities for Business Analysts: Decision Modeling and Normalization
Managing the Two Sides of Decision Modeling: Science and Art
A Panel of Experts: How to Introduce The Decision Model to Your Organization
Data Quality and The Decision Model
Classifying Decision Model Structures
Business Process Models and Business Rules
A BRMS is not a BDMS
Managing the Two Sides of Decision Modeling: Science and Art
Which Decisions Belong in Decision Models?


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