Sapiens DECISION provides a new and revolutionary approach to driving and implementing change.

What would you achieve if you couldn’t fail?
Successful change depends on three critical ingredients a crystal clear vision, a complete set of specifications and accurate and fast deployment.

DECISION gives you these three elements. We call them Think Test Deploy – and here’s how this ‘no-fail’ methodology works to revolutionize change within your organization:

Think: A crystal clear vision of what you are trying to achieve


That idea you have. That spark of insight. That list of requirements from your legal team.

DECISION captures your concepts, ideas and requirements, and translates them into a visual representation that’s easy to understand by everyone. You now have a clear vision of what you are trying to achieve in your hands – not just in your head.

  • 50% increase in SME Productivity
  • Up to 40% in BA time and cost
  • 65% saving in impact analysis

Test: A complete set of specifications that guarantees the desired outcome

This means you test your ideas before you start work on the project, and you only proceed once the desired outcome is verified. You can test as many scenarios as you can think of – and there are no nasty surprises at User Acceptance Testing, as the outcome has been checked beforehand.

As you now have your ideas and concepts laid out, DECISION can test them. It tests your thinking in minutes, without building anything new or touching your existing platforms.

  • 45% increased productivity in UAT
  • 70% improvement in UAT
  • Reduced production issues

Deploy: Accurate and fast deployment across your organization


With the specification already verified at the previous testing stage, DECISION now converts these business requirements into IT requirements. Depending on the project, it either presents your IT team with an unambiguous set of specifications, or it automatically converts your requirements into code, and deploys that code across all your platforms instantly.

  • 80% faster implementation
  • 30% increase in automation
  • 80% improvement in TCO
“IT and Operations have agreed to use our decision models as business requirements for business logic changes – this has greatly sped up the change process.”
Tom Schweikert, Director, Business Rules Management – Freddie Mac

Sapiens DECISION in Action

DECISION has enabled global financial organizations in insurance, banking and the capital market sectors to reduce operational costs, adopt regulatory change within aggressive timescales, and accelerate their time to market for new products and innovations.

As a new methodology, backed by groundbreaking technology, Sapiens DECISION has ultimately enabled:

  • 28% faster time to market for new products and services
  • 60% increase in client on boarding
  • 43% improvement in operating incidents
  • 31% reduction in customer complaints

What could you achieve with Sapiens DECISION?

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