Sapiens DECISION is majority owned by Sapiens International Corporation (NASDAQ & TASE: SPNS). We operate exclusively within the financial services sector, working with global organizations across the insurance, capital market, corporate and retail banking sectors.

Decision Management: The Basics

Our product, Sapiens DECISION, is a platform and methodology that combine to create a toolkit that allows financial organizations to safely implement system and process changes across their businesses.

DECISION is essentially a Decision Management tool. At the center of DECISION is this one core premise:

Every modification, elimination, or addition of any step, or line of code, to your processes and systems is the result of a series of decisions you have made in relation to your business.

Therefore, by making sure each single decision is the right decision, you ultimately go in the right direction to take your business to where you intended it to go.

Decision Management: by managing the decisions you make, the right outcome is guaranteed.

Our approach to Decision Management

Within financial services organizations there are thousands of steps – or decisions to be made – within a myriad of different processes and systems. The challenge is gauging the impact of each single decision throughout the organization. This is made more difficult due to a range of issues peculiar to finance:

  • Huge reliance on complex, interconnected platforms and systems to operate
  • Regulations that are so complicated that no one inside your organization can predict the extent of their impact
  • The people who understand your products are not the ones who understand your systems, and vice-versa

With no single point of understanding, everything relies on established systems and processes. Making a change invariably results in an outcome that no one could have predicted, and no one wants.

This is the core of the problem of change in financial services. And this is core to the power of DECISION.

DECISION gives you the ability to check the outcome of every change you want to make, before you make any actual change, with a three-step approach:

Think: DECISION captures your concepts, ideas and requirements, and translates them into a visual representation that’s easy to understand by everyone.

Test: DECISION tests your ideas before you start work on the project, and you only proceed once the desired outcome is verified.

Deploy: DECISION now converts these business requirements into IT requirements – and they are deployed with the assurance that the outcome has been predicted and verified.

DECISION gives you a boundary. It tells you when your decisions will put your business at risk – before you implement anything. And this is why we say DECISION gives you certainty of outcome ahead of time:

  • Certainty that your innovation will meet the needs of the market
  • Certainty that your changes will meet new regulatory compliance standards
  • Certainty that your process improvements will result in a positive outcome

What and How we Deliver

The Sapiens DECISION suite is split between system-based components that sit alongside your existing platform, and service based components that are designed for you to get the most out of the system.

NB: Business Logic is the language used to capture your vision and translate it into a format that can be understood by everyone. You can find out more about Business Logic here:

System-based components of DECISION:
DECISION Manager is where you do your thinking and testing. It’s where you collate all your processes and ideas and then road-test them to gauge the outcome for your business.
DECISION Execution is where the business requirements that you have tested and verified are translated into services that can be called from your systems.
DECISION Deployment Adapters are where the business requirements that you have tested and verified are translated into code and deployed within your systems.
DECISION InfoHub is how you control your information. It collects and prepares all your data for use.
Service-based elements of DECISION:
DECISION STEP* is a professional services offering; we work alongside you to make sure you get the most from Sapiens DECISION and our Decision Management methodology.
DECISION Training is a comprehensive series of in-person training events, aimed at teams working with Decision Management.
* Read more about the methodology behind Sapiens DECISION: ‘The Decision Model

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