Sapiens International Corporation, (NASDAQ and TASE: SPNS), a leading global provider of software solutions for the insurance industry, with an emerging focus on the broader financial services sector, today announced it has acquired Knowledge Partners International (KPI), a pioneer and recognized leader in decision management consultancy, services and training.

Sapiens’ strategic investment in KPI reflects the company’s recognition that the discipline of decision management is rapidly gaining adoption across the financial services industry. Effective decision management enables enterprises to greatly improve strategic agility, operational effectiveness, efficiency and compliance with regulatory and corporate policy. KPI’s domain expertise, together with its patent rights to The Decision Model, will enable Sapiens to enhance the Sapiens DECISION solution, resulting in an end-to-end enterprise offering that is unmatched in the industry.

Gathering technology, consultancy and training services under a common corporate umbrella will allow Sapiens to define, increase awareness of, and grow the decision management market – establishing Sapiens as a leading solution provider in the enterprise decision management space. The expertise and experience of KPI founders and managing partners, Larry Goldberg and Barbara von Halle – recognized pioneers and experts in decision management, co-developers of The Decision Model and co-authors of The Decision Model: A Business Logic Framework Linking Business and Technology – combined with Sapiens’ proven ability to develop and deploy enterprise-scale technology solutions, will position Sapiens as a decision management innovator ready to expand its portfolio of top tier financial services companies in this fast-growing field.

“We have enjoyed a long and successful working relationship with KPI, and we came to realize that by bringing our two organizations together we could really shake up, redefine, grow and lead the enterprise decision management market,” said Rami Doron, Sapiens’ managing director, DECISION. “Our plan is to make the best use of the tremendous value KPI brings to Sapiens by leveraging and integrating every aspect of the KPI business into our decision management practice.”

The Sapiens decision management technology portfolio now includes:

  • Sapiens DECISION, an enterprise-scale decision management technology designed and developed using The Decision Model as its foundation

  • KPI’s STEP and QuickSTEP consulting programs, which integrate Agile methods of business process modeling, decision modeling and business rule mining into a comprehensive business requirements management approach

  • An established and highly-respected consulting and educational practice to offer training, knowledge transfer, mentorship and certification to support enterprises in developing their own centers of excellence in Agile decision, process and requirements management

Larry Goldberg, Managing Partner of KPI, said: “Our partnership with Sapiens enabled us to bring the full benefit of decision management to many leading global organizations. Barbara and I believe that tightly integrating KPI’s Agile methods and innovative thinking with Sapiens’ peerless technology skills will increase the global rate of adoption of decision management, bringing great value to enterprises, their customers and stakeholders.”

“Acquisitions of high quality and innovative organizations, such as KPI, are key to our success. The KPI acquisition will not impact this year’s financial results, but we expect to gain momentum in the market starting next year,” said Roni Al-Dor, president and CEO of Sapiens International. “We want to identify and take full advantage of new opportunities in the insurance and financial services markets, such as enterprise decision management, so we can provide added value that will help organizations streamline their businesses.”