Sapiens announced today it has formed an alliance with the University of Georgia (UGA) Management Information Systems (MIS) Department. With the goal of developing better educational options for MIS professionals, UGA will be offering classes to provide education for advanced process modeling using The Decision Model and Sapiens DECISION.

The primary catalyst for the UGA-MIS/Sapiens alliance is UGA’s strong belief in the growing need for professionals trained in business process and decision/rules management. Information systems (IS) academic programs have historically been slow to respond to the rapid change taking place and impacting many industries.

As the next generation of information systems (IS) professionals receive their education and prepare to enter the workforce, UGA is continually looking for innovative approaches for its MBA and undergraduate programs to help students achieve their maximum potential.

Sapiens DECISION is a modern business decision management solution (BDMS) used by large organizations to build, maintain, and leverage a centralized repository of reusable business logic. The software solution fully implements the principles of The Decision Model – a new way of looking at the business logic to ensure consistent execution and governance across all applications, and any rules engine or business process management system.

Tomer Srulevich, EVP Sales and Operation for Sapiens DECISION, noted, “We see this alliance as an outstanding opportunity for everyone involved. The next generation of IS professionals have the opportunity to be exposed to new and innovative educational opportunities via the University’s MIS department curriculum. The University benefits by being able to offer a new kind of educational experience, and Sapiens gets the opportunity to expose the next generation to our technologies and products.”

Srulevich added, “Through the collaborative efforts of UGA and Sapiens, the MIS department has already successfully integrated decision/business rules management into a number of courses. UGA-MIS faculty are now teaching The Decision Model and using the Sapiens DECISION software in one MBA class and three
undergraduate MIS classes, representing approximately 275 students a year — better preparing them to be successful in the continually maturing and changing IS/IT field.”

Dr. Bostrom, Professor Emeritus, MIS Department, shared his insights on the changing paradigm in IS development that best puts the UGA/Sapiens alliance into perspective, “One of the major areas of change is to manage business processes and business rules as separate resources, yet resources that are closely
connected. Today’s dominant IS development paradigm focuses on business processes with business rules embedded in program code, making information systems difficult to change. However, there is a paradigm shift underway resulting in the business process being separated and managed by a business process management system (BPMS), while the business rules (business logic) are separated and managed by a business rules/decision management system (BRMS/BDMS) such as Sapiens DECISION.”

Dr. Bostrom added, ”BRMS offerings have been around since the 1990s, yet they are not in widespread use. Thus, the separation of business rules has really not been very successful. It is clearly useful to manage important business logic separately, but to do this effectively a new level of abstraction, a new model for managing business logic was needed. Based on the experience with data and process models, this new model needs to be technology-independent and have the ability to bridge the business and IS/IT communities. Goldberg and von Halle published The Decision Model book in 2009 outlining, in-depth, the type of model needed, referred to as The Decision Model. It defines a technology-independent way of organizing and modeling business logic in terms of decisions and sets of business rules (rule families) that go into making a decision. Despite being independent of technology, The Decision Model is easily implementable in technology, applicable to both current and future technology products.”

Sapiens has developed the only full implementation of the Decision Model in their DECISION BDMS and has made the BDMS available to UGA MIS Department. Sapiens has also provided support to help the MIS Department implement both The Decision Model and DECISION software into the curriculum. “The MIS Department already had strong offerings in Business Process Management, but had done little to train students on the critical role of business rules management,” concluded Dr. Bostrom.

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