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Today’s enterprises are dependent upon effective and efficient data management. But data management tools are often too slow, costly and complex, not to mention their security weaknesses. Maintaining huge amounts of servers, disaster recovery and mass data breaches are just some of the headaches enterprises are experiencing. They seek a business-friendly data management platform that can handle Big Data workloads and increase efficiency, without discarding extensive current investments and knowledge bases.


Introducing Sapiens DECISION InfoHub


Sapiens DECISION InfoHub extends the Sapiens DECISION Suite’s ability to change and manage decision assets seamlessly by transforming a user’s business rule concept or idea to the decision model, while also ensuring the business logic can be changed with integrity and scalability from the most granular data level to the most complex operations, processes, or data management environment.


A unique distributed data management platform, DECISION InfoHub is the only solution on the market to combine the power of data management tools with SQL on fully distributed architectures, such as Cassandra.


DECISION InfoHub provides a virtual, business-friendly representation of information sources necessary to execute operational decisions. It efficiently collects, transforms and enriches data from heterogeneous, large and complex environments. DECISION InfoHub is an integral component of the Sapiens DECISION Suite because it manages all the information, data and integration capabilities necessary for enterprise Decision Management projects.


A complete suite of data management tools are provided to create a repository of logical entities. With Sapiens DECISION InfoHub, you can leverage your existing investments in data technologies by opting to still use full SQL and NoSQL together in one data management environment. With our solution, you can easily define migration paths, mask data for security reasons, or assign data to distributed targeted areas. With easy data implicit to the design, SQL capabilities are built-in with full support for all related tools and adapters.


Business Benefits


  • Increased Processing Performance – DECISION InfoHub is proven to be thousands of times faster than current database technologies in multiple industries across disparate use cases.
  • Unmatched Security – every piece of data is individually encrypted at all times, preventing mass data breaches.
  • Significantly Reduced TCO – running on commodity servers reduces hardware costs. Data compression reduces the number of servers required.
  • High Availability – the need for constant data movement and file transfers, which can cause downtime, is eliminated via commodity servers.
  • Far Simpler Operations – eradicating pain-points such as backups, archiving and disaster recovery leads to hassle-free data administration.
  • Seamless Integration – automated integration with the Sapiens DECISION glossary, synthesizing the business-friendly decision management environment in DECISION and the complex world of Big Data.


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