Sapiens DECISION Suite

Decision Management is critical to the management and transformation of your enterprise. With the addition of new software (DECISION InfoHub) and services (DECISION STEP) components, the Sapiens DECISION Suite is the only solution available that offers the market a complete business decision management solution to address the pain and complexity of translating business logic to code.


Introducing the Sapiens DECISION Suite


Core to our proven methodology are the principles of The Decision Model, which is inclusive in our offering. The Sapiens DECISION Suite is comprised of the following components:


Sapiens DECISION Manager helps organizations manage the business logic that drives their automated business decisions. Read more.


Sapiens DECISION Deployment Adapters transform business logic and execute it in the chosen architecture. Read more. 


Sapiens DECISION Execution performs business logic execution in our integrated execution environment. Read more.


Sapiens DECISION InfoHub is the only solution on the market to combine the power of data management tools with SQL on fully distributed architectures. Read more.


Sapiens DECISION STEP for successful adoption of Decision Management. Read more.


The Only Complete Decision Management Solution


Sapiens DECISION SUITE, the only complete decision management solution, is a business tool enabling the discovery, modeling and management of business logic.  The new components are available immediately as standalone offerings, or as components of the complete DECISION suite.


With the suite, you can create, deploy, maintain and help support a common user experience across all channels:

  • Modeled logic may be distributed across both orchestration and application layers regardless of technology (through decision deployment adapters or decision execution)
  • The terms (fact types) used by the business in the model are maintained in a glossary that is mapped to representations of these terms in the business systems where the logic is to be deployed.


Business Benefits


The Sapiens DECISION Suite will provide you with the following business benefits:

  • Up to 50% shorter projects – because most issues are discovered early on, during business logic articulation.
  • Up to 1,000% faster time to market for new products, services and updates.
  • Up to 70% more reuse of business logic.
  • A significant reduction in production issues (fewer compliance fines, risk allocations, financial penalties, etc.).
  • Less time and fewer resources needed to handle production incidents, support issues and compliance inquiries.
  • More business processes become automated (less de-scoping).
  • Reduced cost of operations.
  • Optimized organizational change management, strategic and regulatory compliance, and risk management.



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