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Sapiens DECISION is a ‘Game-Changer’ for Financial Institutions

Which loan to approve?

Which products to offer to a new customer?

Which transactions are not in compliance with regulatory requirements?

Every operational decision made by your financial institution is rooted in your organization’s business logic (strategy and policy).  But business logic is only effective if it is properly reflected in your organization’s business rules – the core foundation of all operational decisions.


Sapiens DECISION puts your business users in control of business logic by providing an environment to independently develop, validate and deploy decision logic. This independent business logic model assures end-to-end consistency, completeness and governance of business logic


By standardizing and centralizing business decision logic, Sapiens DECISION complements your firms’ existing business rules and process management systems. This technology-agnostic approach allows IT the freedom to select the systems and platform that best suits the needs of the business.


Sapiens DECISION is an enterprise-scale Decision Management System (DMS), built upon the principles of The Decision Model, developed by Larry Goldberg and Barbara Von Halle of Knowledge Partners International (KPI). The Decision Model is a new way of looking at Business Logic. Often called “business rules” before, business logic is what drives the operational decisions in business. Instead of trying to manage the logic of one business rule at a time, The Decision Model groups the rules into their natural logical groups to create the structure that makes the model so simple to understand, communicate and manage.  Sapiens DECISION can enable you to:

  • Mitigate risk by ensuring consistent and accurate application of business logic
  • Ensure compliance by accurately expressing rules and policies each and every time
  • Reduce costs through more efficient and effective decision-making
  • Decrease time to market by automating logic validation, testing and code generation
  • Improve competiveness by adapting quickly to the changing business conditions

How does Sapiens DECISION transform today’s processes?

Sapiens DECISION is a full enterprise product that enables logic authoring, testing, governance, and execution to be handled in a strategic and structured manner.


When a request to implement logic based upon a change in business strategy or regulation is received, it can be difficult to understand the business impact and associated efforts required to implement the changes required. Sapiens DECISION includes a ‘model workbench’ that provides a visual representation of existing decision models, allowing a clear view of related business logic.  This view enables impact analysis and assessment the overall project scope, as well the ability to easily identify the components that need to be changed and/or created.


Rather than express business requirements through narrative, Sapiens DECISION enables business requirements to be clearly and unambiguously expressed through the use of structured decision models. The decision models are designed using DECISION’s centralized glossary of business terms, using a fully governed workflow that provides full traceability of performed changes. This approach allows the logic to be validated, and decisions tested, at the business requirements planning stage ensuring accuracy, completeness, and consistency.


In today’s world, IT develops code and rules based upon their understanding of the design.  With Sapiens DECISION, the code can be automatically generated based on the technical design created by business users and then integrated into the execution environment by IT specialists ensuring accuracy and consistency.


Rather than perform logic validation and system testing at the end of the development phase, Sapiens DECISION shifts testing of logic consistency and completeness upfront into the business requirements stage. Further, test cases can be automatically generated and used to perform system testing.  This approach allows problems and errors to be discovered very early on, thereby minimizing risk and reducing unnecessary costs.


Typically, changes are deployed after the code had been written and unit tested. Sapiens DECISION generates code into an existing target execution environment or to its own execution server, significantly shortening the integration time.


Today’s approach to logic management spreads logic components across various applications and systems, limiting reusability. Sapiens DECISION allows organizational logic to be centrally developed and managed, providing full reuse of logic across all organizational systems. The benefit? Greater consistency, stronger governance and lower development costs.

But is it ‘AGILE’?

Sapiens DECISION can be a significant benefit for firms seeking to adopt or adhere to an Agile project delivery approach.  Sapiens DECISION methodology is Agile in its nature – each large business change request can be easily broken into a set of independent logical tasks, while each is executed through a full cycle of design, deployment, testing, and documentation. Impact analysis (to size sprints more accurately), logic validation, case generation and testing, code generation and documentation are all base capabilities provided by Sapiens DECISION.

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